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Sammy RutkowskiSammy Rutkowski was born in Wooster, Ohio. She was raised in Spartanburg, South Carolina. As she has no discernible accent and prefers to drink half-sweet/half-unsweet tea, it is unclear whether she is a Northerner or a Southerner.

Sammy is a copywriter. She believes everyone has a story to tell, whether you be woman, man, beast – or brand. Sit her down with a bowl of M&Ms and a word processor, and your story will be brought to life.

After earning a BA in Journalism and Mass Comm from the home of the formidable South Carolina Gamecocks, Sammy began a 12-month apprenticeship in copywriting with Riggs Partners. It was totally awesome.

Sammy also [virtually] attended the Inbound Marketing University on A team of Inbound Masters trained her in SEO, social media and content strategy. Then they gave her a fancy badge to put on her website.

When Sammy’s not working, she enjoys hunting for thrift store treasures, reading Stephen King, and tackling her latest DIY project.

Currently, Sammy works as a copywriter and digital marketing strategist at Accrinet. She resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, with a little dog named Cosmo and a handsome guy who kind of looks like Bob Dylan.

Written by the owl.

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